Covid Vaccination Drive

Covid Vaccination Drive 150 150 Ankit Fasteners

The second Covid wave in India has battered the economy and shattered lives of many people across the
country. With people contracting the virus, to losing their lives and others losing their loved ones, stories
of despair and helplessness is heart breaking. In such circumstances, the only ray of hope seems to be
vaccination of major population of the country at the earliest. This is the only way to reduce the impact
of future Covid waves.
Keeping in mind the safety of all its employees, Ankit Group conducted a Covid vaccination drive. The
drive was conducted in different schedules to ensure all employees of the group get vaccinated. The HR
team interacted with all employees. They helped them in collection of data, uploading the same on the
Cowin portal and seeking appointment slots for vaccination. Logistics was arranged to ensure employees
travel safely to the vaccination centres, as this was arranged amidst the ongoing lockdown in the State.
With the support of all employees, the HR team successfully conducted the vaccination drive efficiently.
100% of all eligible employees in Ankit Group are now vaccinated. Management and the HR team in now
working towards organizing vaccination for the spouses of eligible employees.
Employee welfare and safety has always been a prime focus of Ankit Group. This vaccination drive has
now created a safe working environment across all companies in Ankit Group.